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DAN.IT is an international EdTech leader spearheading global learning’s migration to the Metaverse. We offer students from around the world the opportunity to master in-demand skills adapted to today’s changing tech landscape via fully immersive virtual classes and in-person events.

  • 6+ Years At The Forefront of Tech Education
  • Global Outreach: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Israel, and now the Metaverse
  • 1,250+ Successful Graduates in 2021, 35% annual growth
  • 73% Graduate Employment Rate
  • Educational Partner of Tech Associations, Banks, Universities and Tech companies all around the world

We empower learners from around the world to gain in-demand qualifications and launch a lucrative career in Tech

  • Multinational Learning Environment

    Since our inception in 2016, we have expanded our reach around the globe and transformed into a diverse, learners-first educational centre.

  • Unique Teaching Methodology

    Developed in close cooperation with international experts, our program offers a step-by-step pathway for students to break into Tech with the most sought-after skills on the market.

  • Breaking New Ground In Tech Education

    We combine disruptive EdTech, time-tested teaching methods, and a personalised approach to every student to usher in the future of learning.

  • expert foto

    Daniel Anderson 🇮🇱 Israel

    Chief Program Officer

    Back-End Engineer and Data Scientist at Nutrino, Programming Course Commander and Course Development Officer for Israeli Defence Forces
  • expert foto

    Andrey Kozyulya 🇺🇦 Ukraine

    Chief Technology Officer

    Front-End Developer at Kushim, Ex Full-Stack Developer at Cogniance and ControlPay
  • expert foto

    Ivan Bugaenko 🇵🇱 Poland

    Data Analytics Expert

    Senior Tableau Developer at IAG GBS with over 5 years of experience in Business Intelligence development. Worked in the aviation and aerospace industries
  • expert foto

    Alex Pery 🇮🇱 Israel

    Data Science Expert

    Ex Senior BI at Cellcom Telecommunications; BI Team Lead at Hexagon Technologies (FinTech). Working in Business Intelligence since 2007

Advisory Board

Our network of blue-chip company specialists regularly scouts the graduate talent pool for potential hires and continuously hand-vets and adapts DAN.IT’s curriculum to meet shifting market demands.

Metaverse: Join The Future of Learning

DAN.IT is blazing trails by launching the first-ever metaverse Tech education centre where students can obtain sought-after qualifications in a unique virtual environment. Regardless of your background or language proficiency you now have access to fully immersive, top-of-the-line Tech classes with the press of a button.

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  • Beginner-friendly training for anyone looking to break into Tech
  • Virtual classes with industry-renowned experts
  • Access to learning from any part of the world in any language
  • Fostering collaboration and transnational know-how exchange

Back-to-Back Student Support

  • 24/7 Metaverse Support

    Experience world-class education from any part of the globe with immersive classes led by international experts via simultaneous translation

  • Mentor Support at Hand

    Get help with solving assignments, receiving feedback, or resolving a query with around the clock expert assistance on- and off-screen

  • Career Compass

    Parse our preselection of companies tailored to your individual profile, knuckle down and get interview-ready with a member of our team, analyse trick questions and perfect your presentation

  • LMS

    Browse our expertly managed resources and say hello to a vibrant community of learners and mentors all in our integrated LMS

  • Expert Resume Support

    Build a professional CV with help from a career expert and showcase the application-ready skills you’ve mastered in the program

  • Interview-Prep

    Ace both the technical and the general interview with true-to-life simulations of recruitment rounds

  • Soft Skills To Boot

    Learn the technical jargon you need to succeed in today’s competitive job market

  • Webinars and Workshops

    Benefit from free attendance at industry-focused webinars and workshops from leading international tech specialists

  • Bonuses and Discounts

    Take advantage of gym discounts, as well as nutrition support and access to a personal trainer

What Some of Our Students Are Saying

  • Fuad Suleymanov

    Fuad Suleymanov

    Product Owner course graduate

    This year I graduated from the Product Ownership program. A very relevant and versatile syllabus and an interactive learning approach. A large part of the program took place online, I did not expect to get such an effect from online learning. Practical workshops were held on almost all topics. And now I feel confident in such a level that I am ready to create or manage products in any area of ​​business that I am not familiar with. I especially want to note the period when we were preparing our final project. I got real feedback from the mentors, they had an entrepreneurial approach. And one of the most important nuances was that we were encouraged to work as a team. I think that for a long time I will feel the benefits of the course.

  • Fatima Huseynova

    Fatima Huseynova

    DM course graduate

    A very professional teaching staff, student-first approach, and cutting-edge marketing knowledge – all collected in one place.

    The expertise I acquired from this course still guides me here in Germany!

    I can wholeheartedly say that DAN. IT you will not leave you in the lurch.

  • Anastasia Zhmurko

    Anastasia Zhmurko

    Frontend course graduate

    DAN. IT has become a special place for me because it helped me master a new specialisation. I have found my first job and made new friends thanks to it. Regarding the training process, it’s not going to be easy, as the speed is high, there is plenty of material to cover, and it might be challenging to combine the studying and full-time work. But online and offline mentors are ready to help 24 hours a day, so, if you wish, you can overcome all these difficulties. After each lesson, you have a homework assignment, and then after submitting it, you get a full-fledged review from your mentor. Also, after finishing a particular thematic block, we had a practice project close to the real one. Now I know how to work both independently and in a team. 

  • Vlad Mezheritsky

    Vlad Mezheritsky

    Frontend course graduate

    I’ve chosen my tech education provider very carefully, and I’m happy with it. Here are some highlights of why I enjoyed studying at DAN.IT. The training program is well-structured – theory in the right volume, with a lot of practice (homework, pet projects, group work) which is very important! The training format is very flexible, and students have an opportunity to share their feedback about the course, which is no small thing. A fantastic community of students, teachers, and mentors is also worthy of being mentioned – there is always someone to discuss any question you have. And DAN.IT also helped me to find my first job in IT! Well, in general, as you understood – I do recommend it!

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