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Corporate Courses

We provide both standard and custom-made tech courses, adapted to your organization’s needs. Choose the group size that fits your teams: small (3-5 employees) or large (20-25 employees).

Upskilling Workshops and Seminars

Drive strategic skills acquisition with a short, skills-based session, or a series of trainings spread over multiple days for a deeper dive into your topic of choice.

CSR-Based Educational Projects

We’re evolving the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility by developing custom educational solutions based on your organization’s values and priorities. Whether that’s social impact, strengthening employer branding, or attracting potential employees.

Bespoke Corporate Training Programs

Take your company’s learning to the next level with full-cycle training programs tailored to your ROI goals: custom course development, original learning materials, flexible group size and schedule.

Public-Facing Initiatives

We offer a one-stop-shop solution for open-door initiatives: from securing keynote speakers, and booking a venue, to publicity, and technical support. One of our key specializations is employer branding events aimed at boosting company mage and market reputation.

Community-Building Events

End-to-end management of hackathons, tournaments, and workshops for 200 - 1000 participants: from building a website, and establishing regulations, through participant selection, to picking a location, staffing, and on-the-ground logistics.

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Achievements we are proud of

  • 6+

    Years Leading Tech Education

  • 35%

    Annual Growth

  • 21,500+

    Training Hours Annually

  • 1,250

    Graduates per Year

  • Worldwide Impact (Ukraine, Azerbaijan, UK, Israel, and now the Metaverse)
  • Over 100 B2B Products Designed and Delivered
  • Educational Partner of IT Ukraine Association and Azerbaijan National Bank

Benefits of working with us

  • Professionalism Rooted in Experience

    Working with many different businesses over the years, we developed an acute sense of the challenges businesses face and can guide you in devising optimal solutions to yours.

  • Expedited Deployment

    We mobilise our extensive team of program developers and course leads on each project so you can move from ideation to implementation in short time frames.

  • One-Stop-Shop Services

    Forget about fumbling over the details! We will handle every aspect of your project while you ace HR targets without moving a finger.

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Kovalyuk Olga

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