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    Our unique teaching methodology TELEM empowers you to learn Tech by solving real-world problems in an expertly mentored, team environment.

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    In the course of your training, you will devise projects that create value for actual clients, gain commercial experience, and build a stellar portfolio.

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    With a graduate employment rate of 73%, we’re confident in your success. Follow our career guidelines and get hired in Tech.

Looking for Tech courses with high prospects of employment after graduation? With a plethora of offers on the market – upskilling or reskilling in the field has never been easier. Still, building a professional skillset from scratch can be a steep slope. Committed to removing barriers to entry, we tailor our courses to the needs of complete beginners with a view to current industry demand. All DAN.IT teaching is conducted by global experts with years of experience in Tech. We offer courses for both children and adults following a structured, practice-heavy methodology that prioritises marketable qualifications over theory and jargon. You will learn alongside likeminded future professionals and benefit from specialised mentorship and career support.

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Kovalyuk Olga

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