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If you are looking for a career switch or just want to break into coding with no prior knowledge and no clue where to start, then the Programming Essentials course is just for you. Designed with the needs of beginners in mind, it will help you find your feet in the world of Tech by introducing you to the full gamut of in-demand programming tools in use today.

Launch your career on solid foundations by grasping the fundamentals of web-page markup with HTML and CSS. Before diving into one of the most popular programming languages ​​– JavaScript – that will enable you to write full-fledged websites all by yourself. 

Don’t fret over fitting in – the proforientation test at the start will determine if this course is right for you, or if you should pursue other options!  

Once you’re in, you will cover two practice-heavy modules over a period of 2.5 months. You will acquire invaluable skills such as learning how to define a webpage and read its syntax, as well as creating tags, blocks, forms, and finally full landing pages. All the while honing your coding abilities to their optimal capacity. At the end of the course, you will have a chance to put your new tools to work on the capstone project – a self-contained, one-pager website.

Programming Essentials is taught by world-leading specialists following the unique worldwide methodology of TELEM. This no-faff approach to teaching entails minimum dry theory and full-throttle practice. With it, DAN.IT guarantees its students the most up-to-date, job-ready qualifications on the market. 

During your training, you will work with internationally renowned experts and benefit from personal mentorship that will help flatten the learning curve. Upon completion of the course, you will be in command of the nuts and bolts of coding and possess a strong sense of professional direction. 

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is over 16 years of age and wants to launch a career in Tech but needs help finding their bearings.
  • Working professionals with basic knowledge of SEO, A/B testing, web programming, HTML layout, or UI/UX design who want to upskill strategically.
  • Self-starters eager to give programming a try but struggling to make the first step, or those who have already engaged in beginner training on their own.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to create cross-browser sites and clickable forms
  • Clear understanding of coding syntax, JavaScript, and markup languages (​​HTML, CSS)
  • How to design engaging animations and smooth transitions from scratch
  • Adapting websites for mobile use
  • How to interact with on-page forms, images, and links

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Upon successful enrollment, your first task will be to complete a literature review and watch a series of video lessons provided by the instructors ahead of the course start date.

Module 1. Basics of HTML, CSS

Once prelims are out of the way, you will dive into HTML. HTML is the logical markup of a web page. By mastering this structure, you will be able to start adding data to pages. In the first part of the course, you will learn to do just that by modeling markup via HTML tags and commanding the browser to properly render your tags using CSS instructions. The CSS section includes features on selectors, object design, size and block positioning, margins and padding, block layout order, testing layout results, basic animation, CSS3 standards, advanced developer tools, and more.

Module 2: JavaScript Basics

While HTML defines the layout of the site and CSS handles its appearance, JavaScript triggers the action. With the help of JavaScript code, you – the programmer – determine how the page will react to user action. In order to do that, however, you must be familiar with the following Java functionalities:  

  • Base and object data types
  • Type conversion, variables, and naming rules
  • Conditions, operators, arrays, loops, functions
  • Scopes and closures
  • Call context
  • Control structures and the basics of browser events.

Moreover, you will grasp the sequence of event processing known as event loops, learn how to interact with the DOM browser, and handle callback functions, while also working with the developer console, debugging, and eliminating errors from your code. This module also features a deep dive into the jQuery library.

Capstone project (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

The final part of the course is the completion of a robust and workable landing page, requiring a mix of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will leverage a selection of popular libraries such as jQuery and associated plug-ins, as well as image-processing features, to fashion your page with SVG graphics, a parallax effect, tab switching, and animated carousels and blocks. As the first project in your professional portfolio, it will demonstrate your coding potential. In addition, you will get a taste of the business side of the profession by defending your work in front of a virtual customer.

Course instructors

  • Sergii Lisnychyi

    Sergii Lisnychyi

    Senior Java Developer, Ciklum

  • Stanislav Chyrva

    Stanislav Chyrva

    Software Engineer, EPAM Systems

  • Rostislav Svidelsky

    Rostislav Svidelsky

    Senior FrontEnd Engineer, Weblium

Flexible Tuition Fees

Don’t let money stop you from landing your dream tech job!

Find the payment option that works best for you.

  • Prepayment

    Get our best offer by paying for the entire course in one instalment as you enrol.

  • Half/Half

    Cover half of the course cost as you start and the other half after you complete your final project.

  • Monthly

    Pay a fixed monthly amount during the full run of your training.

  • Learn Now - Pay Later

    Start repaying your course fees only after you’ve found employment.

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