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Self-learning in organizations is a topic which is massively discussed in Business Insider, The Independent, Forbes, Harvard, MIT and other world famous publications and universities. Now we will study it too – in Kiev at HR Tech Meet Up on July 11, alongside Israeli and Ukrainian speakers.

The world is changing quickly, companies are growing, and startups want to recruit the best specialists. This whole process requires constant updating of knowledge about team work, product and all internal and external trends. At this point there are some questions rising:

  • How to train employees quickly and efficiently?
  • How should HR specialists know when a team needs more information?
  • How to transfer the information easy and simple to understand?

The self-learning approach, the team’s self-education, its system and models will provide answers to those questions. Ori Bendet, an Israeli expert and the head of the learning digital platform Time to Know, and a local speaker who will compare the Ukrainian realities of self-learning will be there for us to help us understand the topic.

Location: 1b, Pavla Tychyny ave., Kyiv, Ukraine Silver Breeze, office A, 6th floor

Please, keep in mind that the event will be conducted in English.

You'll find out

  • understand why organizations should take a self-learning approach, how it works, and how to apply it
  • decide if your team needs a self-learning
  • learn how to transfer information quickly and transparently
  • learn effective ways to train newbies and upgrade experienced employees
  • learn about digital systems that will help simplify the learning processes in a team


  • Ori Bendet

    Ori Bendet

    • an experienced Product Leader with both Enterprise and Startup experience combining strong technical and marketing skills
    • currently leading a SaaS based digital learning platform at Time To Know called iEcho who helps instructors and SMBs digitize their learning processes
    • spent 8 years in HPE Software in various product and engineering positions
  • Secret speaker

    Secret speaker

    • All info will be known soon


  • 9:50 - 10:15

    Welcome coffee

  • 10:15 – 11:15

    Meeting with Ori Bendet

    Topic: The Power of People: the secret of self-learning organizations

    Today’s world is running faster than ever. We generate more information and data in 1 year than in all of history. The “need for speed” is required by any business who wishes to keep up with the competition. Not only technology or startup companies are now running fast. This means that we as companies must adapt to the new reality. As a result, employees today are more distracted than ever.

    This means The HR managers need to make sure they have the relevant type of learning for the employees at the right moment they need it. In this session we’ll learn how to adapt to today’s modern world and harness both sides of the coin.

    We’ll see how to:

    • Empower the employees with easy-to-use training tools
    • De-block the content creation bottleneck
    • Create ideal conditions for internal rapid content creation
    • Get the domain owners involved (SMEs, managers)
    • End zone practice
  • 11:15 – 12:00

    Meeting with a Secret speaker

    We invited to an event a representative of one well-known Ukrainian IT company. We’re very much interested, how they are going through the process of self-learning.

    Do you, too? You’ll be able to get everything very soon.

  • 12:00 – 12:30

    Presentation of new technologies for HR specialists

  • 12:30 – 13:00

    Q&A and free networking


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