About the project

Home streaming is an all-in-one streaming platform. The concept of the platform was developed in response to the constant growth in the demand for video and audio streaming services. The main goal of the project is to combine content in one application, which will make the user’s access to their favorite shows/podcasts/movies much easier. It was also necessary to create the ability to save and distribute content, as well as implement a release tracker and a flexible filter system. Yulia Lakhno, a graduate of the UI/UX design course, worked on the project in the course of 4 weeks.

Create a platform with quick access to content

Step-by-step Breakdown

  • Create a platform with quick access to content
  • Design the application and adapt it for the web
  • Develop a flexible filter and sorting system
  • Organise a simple system of combining user accounts from various streaming services and a calculator of your own tariff plan
  • Develop a release tracker
  • Create the possibility of joint viewing of content from different devices and anywhere in the world

Execution Plan

  • Conducting user surveys to determine their content preferences and streaming habits
  • Developing a project plan and value proposal
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Targeted user survey and generating user personas
  • Creation of platform structure and user flow
  • Sketching, analysing user interaction with a potential product and creating high-detail warframes in Figma
  • Creating a visual concept: choosing colours and design elements, creating a logo
  • Development of prototypes and animations
  • Creating a design system

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