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Why is everyone so keen on working in tech these days? How much do specialists in the field actually earn and who makes more: a programmer, a developer or a designer? How to become a sought-after professional and transform your life? Stop torturing yourself with questions and come to our webinar where you will discover which tech jobs are peaking in 2022, what’s the best way to upskill, and how to land your dream job immediately after graduation🔥


So, what’s it like working in tech? 🤔

⚡️ Top-tier salaries: $80-90k at entry-level 

⚡️ Flexible working hours and a remote-first culture

⚡️ Huge prospects and thousands of vacancies

And that’s just scratching the surface! Register for our webinar to get even more insight into the field as well as top tips for building a successful career in Tech from scratch.


📆 Date: September, 21

🧭 Time: 13:00

📍 Online Format


Designed with the absolute beginner in mind, this webinar will answer all your burning questions about the field: 

🚀 Hottest jobs in tech and upcoming trends

🚀 What salary to expect at an entry level

🚀 Reskilling: how to choose the career path you’ll thrive in

🚀 Practical first steps that will set you on the path to success 


To help you feel a part of the tech community and accelerate your journey to success, at our webinar you can also:

🔹 meet our team of instructors, mentors, and careers managers – leading specialists in the fields of Tech, marketing, and HR

🔹 discover how teaching is carried out at DAN.IT and get a chance to visit a trial lesson right after the event

🔹 receive personal advice from a careers manager on choosing a profession you’ll feel as your own: UI/UX designer, frontend developer, data analyst, etc.

🔹 discover the full range of career opportunities and development options you can expect after training

🔹 sit a predisposition test to determine which tech role you’re likely to excel at 


There’s never been a better time to launch a career in tech. Make the first step today 🙌 Register for our webinar and start on the path to long-lasting success. 


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