If it was five years ago and the question of soft skills came up, then with great confidence we can say that 90% of people would simply roll their eyes. 

Today, every person who sends their resume to a company will definitely indicate at least three such skills. But still, not everyone is fluent in them and understands what is required.

Let’s try to figure out what soft skills are, and why they are so important, especially for a Tech specialist.

In short, soft skills are skills that cannot be demonstrated instantly, as with a certificate or diploma. These are the skills of interaction with people, communication skills, team play, the ability to learn, and the ability to smooth out conflicts. All this is vital for a person who is trying to build a career. Why? The answer is simple. Today it is not enough to be an excellent specialist. First of all, people matter! Any person who is sociable, open, diligent, and eager to learn and develop continuously can become a professional. But whether you are a senior, a CTO, or an architect, if you are constantly in a bad mood, closed off to others in the team, your chances of staying in the profession are significantly reduced.

Let’s consider a specific example. A person comes to the company for the position of Junior developer, having a technical education, knowing the basics, and answering 50% of the technical questions. HR is conducting the interview, which evaluates completely different components. It is important for them that the person becomes part of the team. They listen to how you behave in a conflict situation, whether you can ask for help in case of difficulties, whether you can generate new ideas, whether you have leadership qualities, and how well you fit the corporate spirit of the company. At this stage, believe me, if you are energetic, positive, and honest in your answers, and know how to clearly state your thoughts, then even if you don’t know the answers to some of the technical questions, they will believe in you, give you a chance and an opportunity to learn.

In general, soft skills are personal qualities that require practice, development, and improvement. And the more you perfect them, the higher chances you have to get your dream job and move up the career ladder.

You can confidently say that you have soft skills if you are:


You know how to communicate with people, justify your point of view, listen and be heard, as well as conduct competent correspondence.

Team player

You know how to listen to the opinions of others and clearly convey your position, avoid conflict, and know how to delegate or take responsibility.


Ability to adapt to situations and make quick decisions.


You can take responsibility for a certain project/work and are not afraid of difficulties.


Know how to learn and teach others.


You can offer a good idea to make the company even more efficient.

There is no limit to perfection! Develop and you will succeed.

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