There are enterprising IT entrepreneurs, there are interesting ideas, there are qualified personnel – programmers, engineers, designers, etc. But the question remains: how to fully realize all this potential? How to make startups become successful companies that will produce products that are in demand on the world market? Indeed, only in this case, startups will be able to bring the country fame, economic benefits and a large number of high-paying jobs.

Israel clearly showed how to do this. Our “bird of startups” took off with the help of two “wings”: state support and strong personnel – both in terms of professionalism and in terms of a developed culture of entrepreneurship.

The state has taken two important steps. First, it founded the funds to finance high-tech start-ups. Secondly, a law was passed on investors, which stimulates investment in young startups in the early stages.

As for personnel, this is the main asset of Israel, surrounded by enemies and not having natural resources. Therefore, our main driver of development is our brains. In this, the Israelis are greatly helped by such national traits as healthy audacity and non-recognition of authorities, which led to the development of the highest culture of entrepreneurship.

Where did these two “wings” bring the country? With a population of just 8 million people, Israel today has more than 6,000 startups and attracts more venture capital per person than any other state in the world. Moreover, the startup ecosystem covers the entire country – from the technology center of Tel Aviv to the desert of the southern region.

Israel is already entering the second stage of development of startups – not quantitative, but qualitative. After all, many startups sell too early, this is happening all over the world. In Israel today, the idea of ​​not rushing to sell them is being promoted, but to create successful companies based on startups. “To sell or not to sell?” – this issue is now being discussed very sharply. The blessing in Israel is enough samples to which it is possible to be equal. For example, Check Point, the creator of firewalls and one of the world leaders in the field of IT security, was founded by three Israelis in 1993. At one time they did not sell a promising startup, and today it is a company with a turnover of more than a billion dollars and with 4,000 employees.

By the way, the important difference between the Israeli high-tech market and the Ukrainian one is that there are almost no companies that outsource. Although there used to be – for example, the developer of billing systems Amdocs, who grew up in a company with more than 3 billion turnover. In Israel, everyone is focused on creating end products. And at the same time, everyone dreams that it is their product that will conquer the world. In my opinion, this is a good example for inheritance by Ukrainian developers.

What exactly is in Ukraine is qualified personnel. Ukrainian IT-specialists are known and appreciated all over the world: for their high professional level, motivation and creativity. Virtually the same qualities as the Israelis. It is only necessary to develop this asset, to grow not just programmers, but enterprising professionals and entrepreneurs. And they will create products with high added value, glorifying Ukraine in the world and giving a powerful impetus to the entire economy.

Author: Eran Lasser, Co-Founder, DAN.IT education

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